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Our Arabic Perfumes: Inspired by Traditions, Made by Hands

For more than 20 years, Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes is a brand that has continued to encapsulate the Arabic cultural heritage in the finest collection of Arabic perfumes.

In today’s era of technological innovation, our brand sets itself apart by keeping the traditional Arabic perfume making process alive – purely made by hands, using the highest quality and all natural ingredients.

Over the years, we have continued to persevere to make the best Arabic perfumes in Dubai

We have crafted a first class selection of perfumes, including Dehn Al Oud, Arabian oud, eau de parfum, and exclusive perfumes for women and men. Our collection offers you a diverse array of scents, from delightful and charming, sensational and sophisticated, to earthy and spicy fragrances.

Made from carefully selected raw materials, each of our original products produces a lingering scent that rejuvenates the mind and body, while soothing the senses.

Also part of our product line is a selection of bakhoor home fragrances with complementary oils for creating a cozy, relaxing and aromatic ambiance within your home. Welcome your family and friends into a refreshing and fragrant home, with one of our signature bakhoor fragrances.

Visit our boutique perfume shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates

Discover new scents and fragrances that draw inspiration from local Arabic roots and traditions. Wear a perfume that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Among the best Arabic perfume shops in Dubai, our boutique stores will treat you to a rich and vibrant aromatic experience, with our exquisite range of all original scents. Visit us and experience our perfumes personally. We have shops located within Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE and in Oman.